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Gain strategic oversight

and drive efficiency in your firm.
  • Gain strategic oversight
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Streamline operations
Legal Professionals

Boost productivity and deliver

exceptional client services.
  • Boost productivity
  • Streamline workflows
  • Focus on what's important

Simplify financial management

and billing processes.
  • Streamline financials and billing
  • Improve budgeting, forecasting and reporting
  • Enhanced data driven decision making

Ensuring Profitability and Growth.


Maintaining profitability and growth is a constant challenge.

MatterX offers the tools and insights you need to succeed.
Picture your firm prospering in a competitive market, driven by effective strategies and innovative solutions.
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Financial and Operational Transparency

Experience the powerful synergy of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Power BI, working together to deliver unparalleled visibility into your firm's day-to-day operations, resource productivity, cash flow, and more.

MatterX seamlessly combines these cutting-edge technologies to provide an integrated solution that revolutionises legal practice management. Make informed, data-driven decisions to optimise efficiency, boost profitability, and stay ahead in the competitive legal landscape.

Don't let inaccurate financial data jeopardise your firm's performance.


We recognise that precise financial tracking and reporting are essential for your law firm's success.

MatterX enables accurate, real-time insights.
  • Inaccurate financial tracking and reporting
  • Inefficient invoicing and revenue management
  • Lack of budgeting and cost controls
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Accurate financial tracking and reporting

Embrace the robust combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Power BI, working hand-in-hand to address the critical financial tracking, reporting, and management needs of your law firm. Business Central's seamless integration with Excel data import/export capabilities enables complete access to your financial data.

Disconnected systems are holding you back.

Better Together

We understand the pressure to stay ahead of the latest technology trends.

MatterX helps you seamlessly adapt and innovate.
  • Connect your business
  • Make smarter decisions
  • Start and grow easily

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