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Streamline Your Legal Practice with MatterX

Unlock the True Potential of Microsoft Solutions for the Legal Industry


As a law firm manager, you understand the importance of efficiency, organisation, and productivity in your legal practice. You face unique challenges in managing complex matters, billing clients, and coordinating legal teams. MatterX, a set of specialised extensions and add-ons for Microsoft products, is tailored specifically for law firms and legal professionals. Discover how MatterX can help you streamline your legal practice, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Unlocking Efficiency in Your Legal Practice:

1. Finance, Operations, and Matter Management: MatterX for Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • MatterX integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Business Central, providing a complete solution for finance and matter management. Our extension streamlines accounting and billing processes, helping your law firm manage its finances more efficiently.

2. Document Management: MatterX for Microsoft SharePoint Online

  • MatterX for SharePoint Online offers a robust document management system, with advanced search capabilities and secure access controls. Legal professionals can now manage their documents with ease, keeping track of crucial case information and ensuring data security.

3. Office and Productivity: MatterX for Microsoft 365

  • MatterX for Microsoft 365 (Word, Outlook, Excel) offers customised tools for legal business use, including document automation, email management, and legal analytics. These tools enhance your productivity and help you make data-driven decisions.

Maximising the Power of Microsoft Solutions:

MatterX doesn't just improve existing Microsoft products; it transforms them into powerful solutions specifically designed for the legal industry. Our team of experts understands the unique challenges that legal professionals face and has created MatterX to address those challenges head-on.

Why Choose MatterX?

By choosing MatterX, you can streamline your legal practice, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Our extensions and add-ons are designed specifically for law firms and legal professionals, providing customised solutions that meet your unique needs. Embrace the power of Microsoft solutions and take your legal practice to the next level with MatterX.

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