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Overview of MatterX for IT Professionals: Enhancing Microsoft Solutions for the Legal Industry

Discover How MatterX Extensions and Add-ons Can Benefit Your Law Firm's IT Infrastructure


As an IT professional in the legal industry, you're responsible for ensuring that your law firm's technology infrastructure is up-to-date and functioning efficiently. You're always on the lookout for ways to improve processes, enhance security, and maintain compliance. MatterX, a set of specialised extensions and add-ons for Microsoft products, is designed specifically for law firms and legal professionals. In this blog post, we'll explore how MatterX can benefit your law firm's IT infrastructure and streamline your daily responsibilities.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Solutions

MatterX is built to enhance Microsoft's existing product suite, making it easy to incorporate the extensions and add-ons into your law firm's current IT infrastructure. Our extensions are compatible with popular Microsoft products, such as Dynamics 365 Business Central, SharePoint Online, Microsoft 365, Power BI, and Power Automate.

Secure Document Management

One of the primary concerns for IT professionals in the legal industry is ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive documents. MatterX for Microsoft SharePoint Online offers a robust document management system with advanced search capabilities and secure access controls. This allows your law firm to manage its documents with ease, while also safeguarding crucial case information and adhering to strict industry compliance standards.

Streamlined Workflows and Automation

MatterX for Microsoft 365 (Word, Outlook, Excel) offers customised tools for legal business use, including document automation, email management, and legal analytics. These tools are designed to enhance productivity and enable your legal team to work more efficiently. Additionally, MatterX for Power Automate offers workflow automation tools that help streamline routine tasks and free up more time for lawyers to focus on their clients.

Data Insights and Reporting

MatterX for Power BI provides advanced analytics and reporting tools, enabling legal professionals to visualise data and make informed decisions. As an IT professional, you'll appreciate the close to full coverage of all data-points for use in Power BI, as well as the easy integration with your existing data infrastructure. This will empower your legal team with actionable insights and help drive better decision-making.

Customisation and Scalability

MatterX is built for growth and includes many API and customisation capabilities pre-developed, such as event hooks and data accessibility for Power Platform. This flexibility allows your law firm to tailor MatterX to its specific needs and scale the solution as your firm grows.

Expert Support and Collaboration

When implementing MatterX, you'll have access to a team of experts who understand both the legal industry and Microsoft technologies. We are committed to providing top-notch support for our clients, and we'll collaborate with you to ensure a smooth integration process and ongoing success with MatterX.


MatterX offers a comprehensive suite of extensions and add-ons that can greatly benefit your law firm's IT infrastructure. With seamless integration, secure document management, streamlined workflows, data insights, customisation options, and expert support, MatterX is an ideal solution for IT professionals in the legal industry. By implementing MatterX, you can help your law firm streamline its operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Are you an IT professional interested in learning more about how MatterX can enhance your law firm's technology infrastructure? Read more about our extensions and add-ons (here) and schedule a demo today!

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